Indoor Air Quality.

Protect Your Home and Family with Royal Air Indoor Air Quality Control Expertise!

In recent times, our customers’ awareness of indoor air quality issues has been raised significantly. At Royal Air, we are pleased to provide IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) service, both to prevent future air quality/pollution problems, or to investigate and address the causes of existing home pollutants.

We use the most advanced equipment available to ensure accurate results to better diagnose your air quality issues. After which we deliver a spread sheet with all pollutants we found and then design a solution for your home. Some of the IAQ equipment we install and service are Electronic Air Cleaners, Ultraviolet Lighting Air Steam Treatment, and Energy Recovery Units just to name a few. If the indoor air is an issue in your home, know that Royal Air can certainly come up with a solution. So if its mold, bacteria, dust or other irritants we can help.


We are now offering Aeroseal Duct Sealing Services. Check out for more information. Airtight Comfort, Airtight Savings